Rent prices

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The rates mentioned below are for renting our rooms in Almere (The Netherlands) for commercial erotic ladies, Mistresses and Kinkygirls. Rates for renting as a non-commercial couple are mentioned separately at the bottom of the page.

Our building has 7 new rooms, two erotic rooms and 5/6 SM rooms. All rooms have a sink, a couple of rooms have a luxurious showercabin and there is 1 room with a big jacuzzi.

Our location has a permit, it is only possible to rent for a woman if you are 21 years or older, you have a valid ID-card/Passport (a driver license is not enough) and a BSN/RNI-number. You need to have this with you at every moment you are in our building.


  • A: 11.00-17.00 – €100,00 (if the same room is rented by 2 ladies, the rent is €75,00 per lady)
  • B: 17.00-23.00 – €100,00 (if the same room is rented by 2 ladies, the rent is €75,00 per lady)
  • C: 11.00-23.00 – €160,00 (if the same room is rented by 2 ladies, the rent is €120,00 per lady)
  • Trio with an erotic lady at her erotic room or your room does not cost anything extra (if both of you have rented a room on that day)
  • Solitary confinement of a slave per hour – €25,00 (if there is a room available for your slave in another room)
  • SM Carroussel/Roulette with 3 ladies – €30,00 per hour
  • Trio with 2 ladies – €40,00 per hour per lady (and €0,00 if both ladies rented a room)

It is not possible to rent a room per hour. The minimum reservation is €100,00, and then you can use a room for 6 hours (day or evening).

For all the rooms a discount of 10% applies if you rent for 4 days (or part of days) per week. The reservation of these days have to be payed up front.

Cheaper rate on sundays:

On sundays the rate is €110,00 euro’s for the whole day from 12.00-22.00. It’s not possible to rent a room for half a day on sunday.


Cancelling your reservation of a room must be done at least 48 hours before the reservation date. If the cancellation is withing 24 hours, we will charge 50% of the rate. If you cancel on the reservation date, we will always charge 100% of the rate.

Facilities and extra information

There is a hostess in the building who will welcome your guests. Clean towels and bedsheets are included in the rates. A small kitchen with a combi-microwave and a fridge is available. There is a shared ‘living area’ with a TV and wifi. There is plenty of free parking spaces available around the building.

Our location has a license and is under supervision of the city of Almere, police and GGD.

If you would like support in marketing, we have the possibility for promotion-packages, webdesign, film and photoshoots. You can e-mail us if you would like that at

If you want more information about our BDSM rooms, please visit

It is obvious that outside of the building we do not want to burden people, we expect that you take this in consideration when you rent a room at us.

How to get an RNI/BSN number

You can rent the rooms as an independent Mistress, kinkygirl or erotic girl. To rent this you must be at least 21 years old, and in possession of a valid Dutch taxnumber (RNI/BSN number). You need to apply for this number at the Dutch government as an EU citizen, this is necessary to work legal in The Netherlands. It is very easy to get this number, by making an appointment at city hall. At this link you can read more information from the government how to get this RNI/BSN number. If needed we can help you with this process.

You can always email us at if you have any questions. We are happy to assist you!

Renting as a couple

If you are a private couple, it is possible to rent a room too. The lady must be 21yrs or older, she needs to have a valid ID-card/Passport (a driver license is not enough). Maximum 3 people are allowed in the room in these combinations:

  • Male – Female
  • Female – Female
  • Male – Female – Female
  • Maile – Maile – Female
  • Gangbangs or gay parties are not possible

Rates for private non-commercial couples

  • 1 hour – €50,00
  • 2 hours – €100,00
  • 3 hours – €130,00
  • 4 hours – €150,00
  • 5 hours – €175,00
  • 6 hours – €200,00
  • 7 hours or more – €220,00

Photo’s of the rooms in Almere

Erotische Kamer 2

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Erotische Kamer 3

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Erotische Kamer 4

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Erotische Kamer 5

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Erotische Kamer 6

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Erotische Kamer 7

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SM Kamer 1

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