Roadwork from 27th of july 2020, for 6 months

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From the 27th of July 2020 there will be work done by the city of Almere on the roads around Privehuis / SM Studio Almere. Ofcourse you can still come to our building, but it is possible that you need to take another route to us. The different routes are shown in the map, and will also be shown on the roads itself.

The roadwork will mean that from the 27th of july 2020 :
– You cannot go to the N702 Hogering via the Hollandsedreef, and you cannot make a pass to the Botterweg
– You cannot do the reverse either, from the Hogering to the Hollandsedreef

Traffic that wants to go from the Hollandsedreef to the north (Noorderplassen and Almere Buiten) will be redirected to the Hollandsedreef, Stedendreef and Muziekdreef (and vice versa). The traffic that normally goes via the Hollandsedreef and the Hogering to the A6 highway, will be redirected via the Hollandsedreef and the Havendreef (and vice versa).

On the map at the bottom of this page you can see the redirection routes.